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Liberal media and our modern education system have brainwashed our children to forget traditional family values, framing the idea of traditional family values as an old-fashioned way of life that is out-dated and is to be replaced by the modern way of life. 


It is unfortunate that many of the children I see in the emergency room with unwanted pregnancies, drug problems, suicidal and homicidal thoughts are raised in a single parent household. 


While certain circumstances sometimes do now allow for this, a traditional family of a good father and mother should always be encouraged!


I believe that deviating away from our traditional family tradition is the reason for many of our problems.


Children raised in homes where their mother and father honor God and consider their children a gift and blessing from God, they are less likely to be involved in drugs and deviant behavior. This is because as the relationship between the parents and children strengthens, the parents are more aware of their children’s behavior and decisions, allowing them to intercede as soon as a problem arises. 


Schools should return to encouraging and teaching that a traditional family is one to be desired and sought after. 

If I am elected, I will fight to restructure our educational system to include the values of the traditional family!