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opioid crisis​

The opioid crisis has been devastating on individuals, families, and the economy!


Opioid addiction causes dysfunction, forcing the victim to resort to abnormal behavior, leaving families, including children to share in the financial and emotional suffering. Treatment can cause a detrimental financial burden. In most cases, overdose can cause someone to lose a brother, sister, mother, or father.


Opioids are the main income makers for the gang members and drug dealers. They become the source by which illegal guns fill the streets of big cities. Each abdominal gunshot wound coming into the hospital costs an average of $200,000 with visits to the Emergency room, the operating room, and the surgical ICU. 

We, the taxpayers, pay for that!

The crux of the issue is most of the drugs in the market are crossed into our borders illegally!


If I am elected, I will fight to have the support of our army in protecting our borders from illegal drug trafficking!


Another reason for drug addiction was the interference of state and federal government agencies around 10 years ago, when agencies like,  the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) forced health care providers to give patients large amounts of narcotics to control pain. If any patient complained that his pain was not adequately controlled, medicare would cut payment to the hospital and the hospital would get a warning. This process created millions of prescription-drug addicts.


If I am elected, I will fight to have the pharmaceutical companies, who benefit from addiction, share the financial burden!