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Working in urban hospitals in New York and New Jersey, I  have seen the horrific toll that drugs and gang violence are taking on our families.


Drugs and drug dealers are pouring over our nation’s southern border and they are causing death and destruction wherever they go. Shootings and drug overdoses are routine daily occurrences.


Working at urban community hospitals I regularly see the results of fentanyl poisoning, drug overdoses and gang violence. I have seen a lot of young people die and one of the toughest parts of my job is to tell a teenager’s mother that her son or daughter is dead. I wish there was a day that I did not have to do that.


I talk to the police about arresting the drug dealers and gang members; they tell me they do but in short order these criminals are either back on the streets or replaced by someone else selling drugs or guns. Why? Because liberal no-bail laws and liberal judges are forcing law enforcement to release criminals back to the streets hours after they are arrested.


America must have strict border security and prosecutors who will use the law to protect the innocent, not the violent criminals. Much of the violence we are experiencing today stems from the failure of Congress to protect America from people coming into the country to do us harm.