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Billions of U.S tax dollars are being spent in Sanctuary Cities on illegal immigrants.

  • New York City has spent $1.47 billion on housing illegals; and another $53 million on debit cards for illegals and $1,400 a month for SNAP payments. Since 2023.
  • Chicago has spent $300 million  on food and housing for illegal immigrants and the state of Illinois has spent more than $470 million.
  • In California, illegal migrants get free medical care and the state is working on giving them $1,000 month guaranteed income stipend.

While billions of American tax dollars are going to people who are in the country illegally, private charities have to be set up to provide our wounded  U.S. military veterans and their families with aid they earned protecting America. That’s wrong. 

I will go to Congress and deny Sanctuary Cities  that use tax dollars on illegal immigrants from getting federal funding.