About Dr. Barsoom:

As a Christian born in Egypt, I faced persecution and adversity from a very young age. However, my dream, growing up, was to become a doctor who can serve the community well. After my education and training, I opened a medical office in Cairo and joined an American NGO managing United States aid money to improve health care in Egypt.

Unbeknownst to me, my medical office was located in a district of Cairo controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. When they found out that I was Christian, it upset them very much. After receiving numerous death threats, I fled Egypt; running away for my life with just $200. 

 Because of my work with the United Nations Development Program, I had a visa to legally enter the United States. I rented a cot by the month in Jersey City, NJ and took my first job selling hot dogs in Journal Square. Eventually, I was able to bring my wife and 7 year old daughter to the United States. 

Throughout even the poorest points in our lives, we did not take a single penny from the government. 

We believe that if you want money, you need to work for it.

I retrained to become a doctor in the United States and am now an Emergency and Trauma doctor at Hunterdon Medical Center. My son attends North Hunterdon High School. My daughter is finishing her MD from Jefferson Medical College. My wife is a special education teacher.

 I am fortunate to have all my worldly needs are fulfilled. But as I look around me, I realize the foundation of the American dream, which made my own life possible, is crumbling. Our country is in debt beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. 

We have the highest property and income tax in the region. Our loved ones are suffering from the opioid crisis. Our country’s family values and ethical values are going down the drain. All of our jobs are being shipped abroad. With your help, we can fix the problems ailing our country today.