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why Dr. Barsoom is running for congress

What’s driving Dr. Barsoom’s Congressional bid?

It’s the current turmoil plaguing our nation and his desire to jump into action. He views the radical ideologies of America’s far left as a destructive force, undermining the principles of our founding fathers, cherished by God fearing American patriots.

Parents, he notes, are being stripped of their authority over their children’s educational content and teacher interactions. 

The backbone of America – hard working middle-class families are burdened with exorbitant taxes to  pay for those who are able but choose not to work. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople find themselves hamstrung by governmental regulations and burdensome taxation.

Our country is being overrun by illegal immigrants who receive billions of dollars in taxpayer funded aid despite having made no contributions to the country. In addition, violent offenders  prowl our neighborhoods, breaking into homes, stealing cars, and assaulting and killing innocent people — while our prosecutors do nothing to protect us.

Dr. Barsoom will fight to close the border, stop the flow of fentanyl, and put an end to reckless spending. His platform is rooted in fighting for political and individual freedom against the Biden Administration and my opponent Rep. Mikie Sherrill.

They want to tell you how to heat your home; what stove to cook  on and what temperature you can set your thermostat to; while they enjoy a  life of privilege.

America has been a land of opportunity for him and his family. Now, Dr. Barsoom wishes to reciprocate by contributing his skills and resources towards preserving its greatness. He is grateful to have experienced the American Dream firsthand and is committed to protecting that dream for you, your children, and grandchildren. Dr. Barsoom believes as you do, America’s best days are yet to come.


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